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Epoxy & Reflector Flooring

Epoxy & Reflector Flooring

We Know Reflector Flooring.

Quickly becoming our most demanded Industrial, Commercial and Residential flooring system. The Epoxy/Reflector Flooring is an easy to use finely ground micro particle dry resin that is designed to be added to either clear coatings or sealers. The non-mica, non-metallic colorant reflects and refracts light to create a 3 dimensional dynamic depth of color. It is packaged in 20 standard colors allowing for unlimited creativity and complete project customization by using one, two or more colors. Epoxy/Reflector Flooring gives the look of stained concrete but upon closer inspection it has a shimmer and sparkle unlike any other flooring product produced. Unlike full mica, pearls or metallic pigments, Epoxy/Reflector Flooring does not dissolve or mix with other particles in the solvent or waterborne liquid carrier but remains in a solid suspension which produces the dramatic effects.

Add Epoxy/Reflector Flooring to an acrylic sealer outdoors for added eye-catching appeal and to recolor decorative stamped concrete, or use in Elite Crete Systems 100% solids E100-PT1 epoxies for a tough, seamless, almost three dimensional floors that will be easy to clean and maintain. Elite Crete System Certified installers have done thousands and thousands of square feet of Epoxy/Reflector Flooring flooring systems since it first became available.

The reason for its popularity besides producing a floor finish that is remarkable is the cost effectiveness and installation is quick – in days, not weeks and can be installed either pre or post construction on new or existing floors. Being ‘Green’ and having VOC options available to you is important to us.

Specifiers, Architects and Designers are utilizing the Epoxy/Reflector Flooring flooring system due to the ability to highly customize their project. With virtually unlimited designs, color combinations, and pattern options it meets the creative needs of their Customers. This flooring system can be seen in high traffic retail shopping malls, gyms, medical offices, restaurants, professional buildings, sporting arenas, food preparation areas, Veterinarian clinics, as well as residential living spaces including basements and garage floors.

Industries Served

Ideal For Most Commercial Flooring Applications.

  • Restaurants
  • Nursing Homes & Retirement Facilites
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Correctional Facilites
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

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