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We Know Stone.
If you’re interested in flooring that’s tough and timeless, a stone floor may be the choice for you. Stone floors are unmatched for adding beauty and elegance to a living space. In fact, installing stone flooring can increase the resale value of a home. Once reserved only for the very wealthy, today most floor buyers can find stone flooring that fits their tastes and budget.

Stone has literally been forming underground since the beginning of time. There are many varieties of stone used for flooring, and each has unique characteristics. Stone is like a fingerprint; even within a single variety, no slab of stone looks exactly like the next. If you’re looking for a floor type with a unique pattern, stone might be a great option.

Marble and Granite are two popular types of stone flooring, but they are just the beginning of the available options. Choose Travertine, and you’ll choose the same stone the Romans did when they built the Coliseum. Another beautiful option is Limestone. Limestone flooring is composed of sedimentary materials like coral and shells which add unique character to stone tiles. Because there are many choices in stone flooring, you may find you like several types. It’s just a matter of finding the one you like most.

When selecting stone for your flooring project, consider the type of finish you would like the stone to have. Depending on the type of finish used, different looks can be achieved. For example, polishing reflects a floor’s natural crystals, while an acid wash is the way to create a more rustic appearance.

Types of Stone Flooring
Stone for flooring is created by a natural process of heat and pressure within the Earth’s crust. The requirements of quarrying and transporting the stone can make stone flooring cost more than other types of flooring, but you may find it worth the investment because stone flooring can literally last a lifetime. The durability of stone flooring is combined with practical beauty. Although stone appears impervious it is naturally porous and will need to be sealed to increase stain resistance.

  • Granite is one of the popular types of stone flooring. Granite is dense and hard and can be polished to a sleek shine. Granite flooring has speckled colorations that make no two pieces alike. Granite stone floors are best installed by professionals.
  • Marble floors were constructed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Marble adds beauty, sophistication and class to a room. Marble is characterized by fault lines that make each piece distinct. Marble stone floors are best installed by professionals.
  • Slate stone floors are made of fine-grain metamorphic rock. Slate can be used on any floor and sustain wear and tear. Slate tiles are fragile before they are installed and require special handling. Slate is available in many colors, shapes, textures and sizes. The tiles can be uniform in size or irregular and fitted together like a puzzle.
  • Some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks and buildings are built with limestone, an early favorite of architects. Limestone has been proven to withstand time and bad conditions. Limestone provides natural beauty with a smooth surface and minimal graining.
  • Travertine flooring is stone flooring that is a type of limestone. It stands out because of the craters and depressions caused by Mother Nature. The material has been used in building structures since ancient Roman times. Travertine tile can be found in a wide range of colors and styles. It is often used on patios. The holes in the stone can make it difficult to maintain.
  • Tumbled stone flooring is made of stone that has been tumbled in a barrel to achieve a worn and rustic appearance. Any of the popular stone types can be obtained as tumbled stone. You will find tumbled stone not only used within the home but also for exterior floors.

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