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Trowel Down Epoxy​

Concrete, Vinyl and Tile Flooring Replacement

This is a superior composition of marble and quartz chips blended with our proprietary epoxy resin. The odorless mixture gets troweled to a 3/16″ layer over existing tile, wood or concrete surfaces. The finished surface is slip resistant, waterproof, non-porous and very durable. A Troweled Down Epoxy Floor will not trap odors, requires no periodic resealing, and eliminates the need to clean or repair grout.

Features and Benefits of Martin Epoxy Commercial Floor Replacement

over most existing floors such as tile, concrete, linoleum, sheet vinyl, and VCT.

there is little or no downtime because installation can be performed on off-hours, and the floor will be ready the next morning.

one monolithic floor covering with integrated base – no seams where dirt and bacteria can breed.

reduce slip and fall injuries, and worker’s compensation claims, with a textured, safe, slip resistant.

mold, mildew, bacteria and insects cannot penetrate a the floor, so there’s no odor or health hazard. Perfect for businesses that require sanitary conditions.

marble and quartz chips are bonded together in our proprietary epoxy resin for a floor that is chemical resistant and 3x stronger than concrete. Martin Epoxy commercial floors can withstand extreme temperatures, whether it’s a cook line or a freezer.

Use a the approved cleaner with a deck brush and squeegee to push to the drains.

artin Epoxy floors are not harmful to the environment because we use no solvents, which means no VOCs are released. The product is made of natural stone and epoxy resins. We won’t have to demolish and dispose of your existing problem flooring – which means less waste in landfills.

choose from many different colors so your floor can accent and enhance your facilities.

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Physical Properties of Commercial Flooring Products

Compressive Strength: 12,400 psi
Tensile Strength: 7,100 psi
Surface Hardness: 70 Shore D
Impact Resistant: >24,000 psi
Water Absorption: <0.21%
Weight: 1.16 lbs/sf
at 3/16″ thickness

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