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What are the signs that I should have my garage floor coated with epoxy?

The best time to have your concrete garage floor coated with epoxy is before you see any of the following signs.

Water stains. Let’s face it: the number one purpose of a garage is to park your cars in it. Whatever your car’s tires have driven through, including water mixed with oil and other chemicals, will be tracked in when you park. Other ways that water can get on the garage floor are as common as hanging laundry or wet towels to dry after the beach or pool. Clean water can also permanently stain untreated concrete.

Cracks and other flaws in the original concrete. Most concrete has flaws that originate in the drying process, including cracks, bumps and rough spots. Small cracks and floor line where baseboard or molding, are often barely noticeable to the eye, but can be large enough for insects (ants, silverfish and centipedes) to enter your garage.

Over time, some of them become much more noticeable. Epoxy coating is thick and solid enough to fill and make these much less noticeable, while keeping potential pests out.

Scratches. From hand tools to gardening and yard maintenance equipment, dropping heavy, bulky items is inevitable. Though no coating can resist all scratches, an epoxy coating creates a more durable, scratch-resistant surface.

Oil and chemical stains. Most homeowners use their garage for some type of workshop, auto maintenance or hobbies. Oil, paint and chemicals are bound to spill on the floor from time to time. With some liquids, a stain on untreated concrete will be permanent.

If your garage floor is coated by a finish from Martin Epoxy, the cleanup of oil, lacquers, solvents and other materials is quick and easy when wiped up immediately after the spill.

Slipping and sliding. Concrete isn’t slippery when it’s dry … but when it gets wet, it’s treacherous. And if you’re carrying grocery bags or other things from the car, it can downright dangerous. Having an epoxy finish with an anti-slip treatment can reduce that risk.

Concrete is difficult to clean. The first thing you’ll notice after getting an epoxy coating on your garage floor is how much brighter, cleaner and more organized it looks. For the most part, an epoxy coated floor will allow you to clean it with a vacuum, broom or a dust mop.

If your garage floor is in perfect shape – or you have a brand-new home – a garage floor finish by Martin Epoxy is like an insurance policy against seeing any of these things in your garage.

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