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Concrete Coating And Staining, North Central Florida

Take Your Concrete
to the Next Level With Concrete Coating and Staining!

Concrete coating and staining add a layer of protection and color so that your floors look vibrant and new. Noticeably enhance the appearance and durability of your floors with our coating and staining services.

Concrete staining is available in a variety of colors that will give your floors a brighter and livelier hue. You can choose from many different stains and dyes to make your concrete flooring shine.

blue epoxy staining concrete flooring

Top benefits of concrete coating and staining

Improved Appearance

Concrete coatings and stains come in a variety of textures and colors. They can be customized to fit your preferences.


Coatings and stains protect your floor and make it long-lasting and new-looking for years.

Easy Maintenance

Floor coatings are easy to maintain. All you need is a hose or a mop to make your floor clean.


Floor coatings and stains are weather-resistant and will not crack or peel under pressure. They are also resistant to chemicals, road salt, and oils.

Not sure whether to choose concrete coating or staining? Call the professionals at Martin Epoxy. We specialize in commercial and residential concrete coating and staining, concrete repairs, and more. We’ll make your floor not just beautiful, but durable as well. We serve Florida and the surrounding 60-mile radius.

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