Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Jacksonville, FL

Upgrade Your Floor With High-Performance Epoxy Flooring

Martin Epoxy provides a range of epoxy flooring solutions that are beautiful and easy to maintain yet durable. With our epoxy coating expertise and techniques, you will no longer have to be embarrassed by unsightly stains and cracks in concrete floors. Make your concrete floors the envy of the neighborhood.

We Are the Premier Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Jacksonville

Welcome to Martin Epoxy

Martin Epoxy is one of the most popular epoxy flooring businesses in Florida. We’re a family-owned, operated, licensed, and insured company offering only the finest concrete coatings. As a leader in the epoxy flooring business in St. Augustine, DeLand, and Jacksonville area for 20+ years, we take pride in providing high-quality flooring solutions for your homes and commercial spaces.

Our business has been built by referrals from our valued customers, allowing us to complete several thousand projects for both residential and commercial applications. You can be confident that our extensively trained, certified, and professional staff will provide excellent results for your epoxy flooring in Northeast Florida. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We’re proud to direct you to Martin Epoxy’s 5-star ratings on Google and Home Advisor.

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Advanced Epoxy Flooring For Business and Homes

Our innovative flooring solutions protect and enhance your garage, pool deck, back of the house, kitchen, retail spaces, and more. Our technicians are skilled and certified, so you don’t have to worry about quality. We ensure every customer is thoroughly satisfied with the results, and we have maintained our growing list of happy customers. Trust us for your epoxy floor coating needs. We’ve completed numerous projects for residential and commercial facilities, including schools and colleges, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, service garages, warehouses, and more.

Epoxy for Garage Floors

We offer homeowners and business owners to upgrade the appearance and functionality of their garage spaces with industry-grade epoxy flooring.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

We customize commercial epoxy flooring with different colors and aesthetic designs while ensuring the safety of your customers and employees.

Metallic Floors

We use innovative techniques to deliver exceptional metallic flooring that provides a durable, seamless, and glossy finish for your concrete floors.

Natural Stone Epoxy

We deliver unique natural stone flooring tailored to your various residential and industrial settings that is robust, impact resistant, and visually stunning.

Trowel-Down Epoxy Flooring

We create durable and versatile troweled-down epoxy flooring for kitchens and other high-traffic areas that resists stains, chemicals, and abrasion.

Concrete Coating and Staining

We protect and beautify concrete surfaces with high-quality coating and staining to enhance your property's floor appearance, strength, and market value.

Patio and Porch Epoxy Flooring

We only utilize professional-grade epoxy materials best suits your patio and porch floorings to seal and protect the underlying concrete and substrate.

Work with the Best Epoxy Flooring Provider in Jacksonville, FL

Choose the best of the best epoxy flooring contractors for your Jacksonville, Florida, property — Martin Epoxy. There are plenty of epoxy floor companies in Florida, but sadly, not many have the expertise, track record, and experience to perform the high-end work you deserve. At Martin Epoxy, we provide tailored solutions for your residential and commercial flooring needs at a reasonable cost — we offer free, no-obligation estimates.

What Makes Our Epoxy Flooring Stand Out

A property’s flooring serves as the center that unifies the entire space. Although frequently disregarded, you should not ignore that the color and texture of your chosen materials impact the room’s overall appeal. Ensure your property’s flooring is more than a concrete blank space representing your company or home. Let us help you finish your flooring project by providing top-notch services that make you stand out above everyone.

Seamless Process

Our high-quality epoxy resin coating materials protect the concrete surface, offering seamless flooring solutions that last for years.

Licensed and Insured

Our licensed and insured flooring specialists have the skills and knowledge to get the desired results. We back up our job.

Commitment to Quality

Your happiness is our top priority. That’s why we strive to provide the best epoxy floor service to ensure every penny spent is worth it.

Industries We Serve

Full-Scale Epoxy Flooring Service

We can help if you want to use epoxy flooring to change the look of your concrete floor. Our specialized epoxy installation, floor coating, and excellent customer service make us the go-to contractors in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. With years of experience and comprehensive training, Martin Epoxy offers epoxy applications of high standards. We understand the value of flooring investment. That’s why we want to make this really rewarding.


When properly installed and maintained, they can last for many years, even in demanding environments.

Easy Maintenance

Its smooth and seamless surface makes it easy to clean and prevents dirt, dust, and debris accumulation.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We ensure you’ll have the best experience working with us; your satisfaction is our priority. We have several different designs and epoxy materials. We are happy to recommend options based on your needs. But we are flexible. We work to exceed expectations.

Your Trusted Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Jacksonville, FL.

In addition to being your go-to contractor, we also want to be your trusted buddy — we operate our company with honesty, decency, and a focus on providing value to our clients. With our customers, their businesses, and their families, we have developed a reputation for constantly pushing boundaries, and meeting excellence, no matter the challenges and timelines that are put in our way. At Martin Epoxy, we turn things around such that our clients win! Let us help turn your vision into a reality.

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