What sets us apart

We are family owned and operated since 2002.

Martin Epoxy uses the finest products for our floor projects.

By not being franchise it enables us to purchase only the products that will be best suited for each project.

Our prices are competitive (we will beat any price of our competition of equal value of products & install).

We have fully trained mechanics that will do the job correctly.

Our Epoxy is vapor barrier (most other epoxies fail with moisture).

man woman working at epoxy flooring jacksonville fl

Q & A

How long does it take to install a 2-3 car garage?

Generally 1-2 days

When can I walk on the floor?

12-24 hours depending on temperature and products used. (Always touch floors before walking on)

When can you park your car on it?

72 hours from the last topcoat install. (colder weather may need longer dry time).

Is the floor warrantied?

Yes,we have floors with warranties up to a Lifetime (ask for details)

Are the floors slippery?

 Any floor can be slippery when wet with oil or water, but our floors have anti slip, we install per client’s needs.

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